The adventure begins anew!

I’m hitting the road again to meet up with my merry band of neardowells. I’ll first be poking through Nevada and getting my fill of ghost towns where I will eventually meet up with my old roommate Dave (my first friend in Hawaii when I moved there); in Elko maybe?

Thent Dave and I will mosey through the rest of Nevada, Utah and Colorado, where on the 23rd we meet up with Aren, Erik, and probably Aren’s brother Lars in Denver. We go North from Denver to Fort Collins where my cousin Sam just might be waiting for us–then it’s the push into the wild where our diamond mining begins!

Stay tuned for the trials and tribulations of the gang and see if we get significatly more diamonds than we did last year. Come on “retirement stone”!



2 thoughts on “The adventure begins anew!”

  1. way to go Houston! Sounds like a great way to spend your summer! I’ve been working in Utah and Nevada and thereabouts since 05’…lemme know if you want the scoop on some creepy ghost towns or cool rock-hounding…oh and tell Aren and Lars I said hi!

    Hollar if you run through SLC 🙂

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