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Ammon Bundy is, and militias in general are, bad for America.

Not quite two years removed from Cliven Bundy’s moronic and dramatic showdown with the BLM (who were repo-ing his cattle for millions of dollars in unpaid fees, fines, and court ordered punitive damages) we find Cliven’s son Ammon forcing another showdown with government agents.  This time over some ranchers who did bad things and got busted for it.

ammon and hate groups
Ammon Bundy and some known white supremacists at a press conference earlier this month.

You have probably seen it splashed across your newsfeeds and made fun on of mercilessly on the late night comedy shows, but what does the showdown at a bathroom/gift shop at a remote wildlife refuge/bird sanctuary in the most desolate and sparsely populated region in the lower 48 have to do with anything (a well-sourced historical brief on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge)?  Well, I am going to explain it to you.

In 2001 Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond, 46 were illegally hunting on protected federal land.  After making several kills of protected wildlife, “Steven Hammond handed out “Strike Anywhere” matches with instructions that they be lit and dropped on the ground because they were going to “light up the whole country on fire.”  One witness testified that he barely escaped the eight to ten foot high flames caused by the arson.” According to court documents in the case.  Later, in 2006, the Hammonds then began a backfire in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge despite being told that there were BLM fire crews battling the fires in the path of the winds of any backfires and were explicitly informed not to do so.  Their problem was that those same BLM crews also bore witness to their crime

The Hammonds were convicted of arson on federal lands and given a short sentence.  The Federal Prosecutor in the case appealed the sentence because arson on federal lands carries a congressionally mandated 5-year sentence.  Upon appeal the 9th Circuit Court resentenced the Hammonds to 5 years minus time served.  The Hammonds were to report to prison on January 4th of 2016 and have done so… So why all the militia dudes in Oregon?

Now home to more racists than birders, for now...
Now home to more racists than birders, for now…

The militia dudes are there because they are angry about something but they have no clue as to what that something is and are using the Hammonds as an excuse to express their anger.  They claim that the Hammonds have been set up by the BLM so the federal government can take their land (which has a bearing of truth since it can happen if the Hammonds fail to pay some $200,000 in outstanding restitution owed for their criminal violations; the ranch is collateral on this fine).  The conspiracy surrounding this ranges from: “Those whacko liberal environmentalists don’t want anyone to eat beef!” to “Obama owes our Chinese creditors and Hammond ranch is rich in diamonds, gold, uranium, and natural gas so he is giving it to them.” Pretty much all of this is beyond moronic.

As all of you who are familiar with this blog know, I am an expert on laws regarding access to federal lands; I kind of have to be when my livelihood depends upon it.

First, nope, there is no natural gas in this region since there is no shale to be found.

Second, gold is found in about four locations all about 15-30 miles from the Hammond Ranch and all of it is in miniscule recreational quantities. (You’ll remember that I detailed this geologically boring region this past summer: “This stretch of Oregon is the absolute worst.  One giant, salty, flat, treeless, sun-baked, wasteland.  Everywhere along the route is half-finished ideas, and crumbling dreams.  Broken trailers here, roofless barns there…  Anyone thinking of living in this uninhabitable hell-scape needs to just fill their tank and drive until it runs out of gas.  Wherever you end up will be better than here.”)

Third, Uranium is so ubiquitous as to not even be interesting to anyone who needs it.  I can hop into my truck and drive to Nevada and claim a few million tons of yellow cake uranium ore out of the desert on already existing federal lands.  No one needs to steal the Hammonds land to gain access to significant uranium lodes.

Fourth, the rock here is just flood basalts.  Flood basalts are pretty much the most mineralogically undeveloped igneous rock on the planet.  If you’re lucky you will find some peridot (but not likely) and that is about it.  This means there is no Lamproite or Kimberlite from which one can get diamonds.  There are no diamond-bearing rocks in Oregon.  Period.  If there were diamonds in Oregon I would have staked claims there a long time ago (since I am the only person with commercial diamond claims in the lower 48, I am definitely the expert on this).

Fifth, it has been illegal for the federal government to sell public lands to mining interests since 1994 when it was found out that the feds sold some $50 billion (in today’s commodity prices) in mineral rights of ultra-rare beryllium to Brush-Wellman (now Materion) for $26,487.

Sixth, it is illegal for a foreign national or corporation to stake a claim on federal lands in the United States of America.  The only way for a non-citizen to stake a claim on federal land is for said resident alien to be a legal resident who has declared their intention to becoming a citizen of the United States.

Now that we have debunked all of these conspiracies, what is it that Ammon Bundy and his militia dudes are so bent out of shape about that they have taken over a visitors center and gift shop in the dead of winter?  As far as I can tell the Bundy-klan object to the feds owning land at all.  They do not believe the federal government should own any land of any kind.  Why? Beats me, federal lands are what this nation’s wealth is built on and for some reason the rightwing has been trying in recent years to liquidate our federal lands anyway they can.

racism with guns
Rance Harris on the left with some other “patriots” earlier this year during a standoff with the BLM at the Sugar Pine Mine in Oregon.

Now lets look into the types of people who arm themselves and take over a bathroom outpost in the middle of nowhere when it is basically the most awful time of year to be there, or just like to join militias in general: these militias are comprised of men like Ryan Payne who claims to be a former Army Ranger, but who isnt; or Brian Cavalier who serves as Ammon Bundy’s personal body guard and who claims to be a former Marine and war veteran but isn’t either of those things (but is a convicted criminal).

Others who heed the call to militant action include or white supremacists and members of the Neo-Nazis and Aryan Brotherhood such as Rance Harris, a member of the “Oath Keepers” (a right wing paramilitary outfit who as a group made a show of force during the Bundy Ranch fiasco and who posed a threat to BLM employees this past Summer at the Sugar Pine Mine in Oregon), whose arms and hands are covered in racist and Nazi tattoos (a friend of mine identified him from a news photo as a known white supremacist and I managed to hunt down his Facebook page and yup, a groovy heil Hitler “88” tattoo on his knuckles).

In general unregulated militias are largely populated by white supremacists and grew at previously unseen levels when Obama was elected president (Cavalier also has swastika tattoos on his eyelids, by the way [classy]).

racist piece of shit
Rance Harris with his “88” tattoo on his knuckles which stands for “Heil Hitler” as the letter ‘H’ is the 8th letter of the alphabet.

These men claim they want the US government to give their lands over to someone, but whom?  This I don’t know.  What I do know is that many of the men in this movement are also members of groups who advocate race wars, secession from the government, sedition, and outright revolution against our democracy.  These people are the worst of our society and I hope they become lily white frozen hate-cicles  on the plains of the Oregon Outback.



4 thoughts on “Ammon Bundy is, and militias in general are, bad for America.”

  1. First and foremost, I’m not in Burns Oregon, have nothing to do with burns or, and I haven’t been there in over ten years nor do I plan to be.
    Secondly I’ve never met Ammon bundy, don’t bring to any of his militia, his crowd, his friend’s or his circle….nor do I plan to.
    Stop using my name and inserting me into something I have absolutely nothing to do with…..If you were doing real journalism you without a doubt would know I’m not there, never had been and don’t know any ammon fucking bundy.
    Why do you use a 5 year old outdated picture of someone who has nothing to do with this situation in this article?

    Yes once upon a time when young and dumb I got some stupid tattoo’s, I also removed then sorely and slowly as I could over the years as they don’t represent myself and who I am only a bad descion 20 years ago….Do you have s problem with that???

    Maybe instead of using your blog to try and write smear campaigns to whip up anger in people you should do your job and write things that are accurate.
    maybe you should have looked at my fb ptofile a bit more since you decided to creep it and see all the different ineractions I have with people of all shades and manners even the left ones that dunt agree with me, instead you took the cheap shot way ou.

    Once again, I’ve never met Ammon bundy, have zero connection to him and his crew, have not and will not be in Burns.
    Am not a member of the oath keepers and never have been.
    Have no interest or part of what your talking about.

    Made some dumb choicees as a kid and then corected them and moved on to be a nice productful and respectful member of the human race.

    maybe next time you can write a real article about the real people there and do some real journalism, what other inaccuracies and hang truths have you launched from this blog in other articles as well.

    You have a responsibilityto tell the truth the full accurate truth not a cherry picked version or the one that gets the best reactions to the people who read your pieces that’s part of responsability of the press remember?

    1. I don’t know why you deleted your previous Facebook comment which resulted in my reply vanishing as well, but I can reply again:

      If you have had a change of heart, good for you, but you were with the Oath Keepers at the Sugar Pine Mine this past Summer as your photo is the lead to a Vice Article detailing the Oath Keepers and this specific action: http://www.vice.com/read/miner-threat-0000747-v22n9

      Your inclusion in my blog post and your image as its lead comes from the fact that I don’t like Nazis, and I don’t like the militia movement.

      I have amended the article, my intention was not to directly tie you to Burns but to tie you instead to the militia movement in general, and specifically to the Oath Keepers who have responded to the Bundy’s call to action in the recent past.

      I make my living off of federal lands and I come across Nazis playing war in the woods from time to time during my travels. Just to imagine that there are so many people with such hate and animosity that they permanently write this as symbolism upon their bodies for all to see sickens me.

      I used a five year old photo of you with turkeys because it was the only photo I could find where your knuckles were showing and weren’t covered in tactical gloves while holding a gun. Also, no, there were not any images of you with people of any other shade except white.

      The friend of mine who identified you from the Vice photo is much too young to have known you 20 years ago, and she said specifically, “I know that guy in the photo with the beard on the left. His name is Rance and he is wearing long sleeves and gloves because he has white supremacist tattoos all over his body including his hands.”

      If you have nothing to do with the Oath Keepers then why were you at Sugar Pine with them? If your racist ideals are no more and your tattoos removed, then why would someone who met you recently state that she has seen your Nazi tats, specifically with name and how to find you?

      It would please me to no end to be assured that you have changed your ways and are now volunteering at a shelter for homeless LGBT youth or something, but from what I can tell you still post hateful diatribes on your Facebook, you still play militia in the woods as often as you can, and you were with the Oath Keepers at Sugar Pine.

    2. Also,

      From Facebook:

      Bruce Southard: “I just got off the hooks with my brother Rance Harris who was at the mine site near Merlin with a group of Patriots. They came down just now to establish comms and catch a break. Cell service is almost non existent there. They are requesting any and all bodies who can work a shift to come ASAP and relieve in place the guys that have been there since this started. NO news has reached them of any travel restrictions.” https://m.facebook.com/OathKeepersofOregon/posts/676842059094065

      It’s not hard to find sources.

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