From the very beginning it was all about the rocks.
Geologists can't help it.  They want to be outside; hiking,
climbing, and smashing.  It's what we do!  What started
as a small-scale one-man mining hobby has ballooned
into a multinational conglomerate that refuses to forget
its roots.  Everyone at Noosphere Geologic yearns to get
outside and explore our planet--and we'll stop at nothing
to do it!
Our founder, Houston Wade, is a nerd at heart.  After
studying Geology at the University of Hawaii (he also
casually earned degrees in Geography and Astrophysics
along the way!) Houston decided that it was time to start
putting his new skills to the test and find
everything he
had learned about in his mineralogy and petrology
courses.  Thus began a three year period of discovery.

Criss-crossing the continent Houston found an example
of every form of precious metal and gem-quality stone
North America has to offer including: North Carolina's
Emeralds, Wyoming's diamonds, Nevada's black opals,
Utah's red beryl (bixbite, the rarest gemstone in the
world; for every 150,000 diamonds discovered only one
red beryl is found), and, of course, platinum and gold
from almost every mountain range you could think of. Oh
Lord, did that boy find a lot of gold!

Through his travels Houston has quickly amassed one of
the larger privately owned mineral specimen collections
in America and he hopes to have the collection available
for public viewing soon.

As with everyone who mines, Houston had a case of gold
fever.  His was a different sort than the classic bearded
nut-job living in the hills squirreling away his yellow rocks
and petting his trusty rifle.  Houston was fascinated with
how the Western North American Continent was settled
via centers of mining activity.  Gold, silver, copper, lead,
cinnabar; these where what brought people West and
why anyone ever settled a full half of the contine
Houston poured over historical documents of
mineralogical discovery, marking maps as to what was
found where.  He visited hundreds of ghost towns,
looking for old mines and placer claims.  He then
decided to explore remote mountain ranges in hopes of
making his own "first" discoveries.  Ranges where there
was no historical record of successful bonanzas by the
old timers

Being of the tech-generation,and utilizing tools like GIS,
Google maps, the BLM's LR200, GPS and his trusty
F150, Houston quickly discovered that he could
accomplish more in three weeks than the 49ers' could in
three years.

As Houston likes to say, "Mining and rock hounding is
just like camping, only with a purpose.  You can climb to
the top of a mountain and get your picture taken.  I can
It started with a hobby.
Obama announces funding for
new nuclear plants.  Noosphere
geologic is there for uranium
Lenover Mine assays above all
reasonable expectations.  Over
$400 million in ore at first layer
of mineralization!
The Opaltron Mine is now
online!  The Virgin Valley black
opal market will never be the
Latest News
Noosphere Geologic Services International
Noosphere Geologic is Just Geologists Having Fun!
The world leader in mineralogical exploration and mining services
Our founder, Houston Wade 4ooft under Timmins, Ontario
Timmins, Ontario gold vein!
A 10ct museum-quality champaign topaz.
As with all mining ventures, a stroke of luck and knowhow found serendipity; and
Noosphere Geologic was born.
"We have land in Canada?!?!"

"Yes, we have 160 acres in Timmins, Ontario."

"Timmins, Ontario!" Exclaimed Houston.

Well, it turns out that Houston's great grand father,
Charles M. Lenover, was a British officer during
Raids.  As a token of thanks for his part in repelling the
Irish militias from Canada, King Edward VII awarded him
a quarter section of land in the middle-of-nowhere,
Northern Ontario.  
Whoopie thought Mr. Lenover, and he
never even so much as visited the land, opting instead to
farm near London, Ontario.

Houston was extremely excited upon learning about this
tract of land because in 1906 the most prolific gold rush
in North American history began right in Timmins,
Ontario (learn all about the
Porcupine Gold Rush).  Let's
put it this way, the
entire Klondike Gold Rush to date has
produced around 12 million ounces of gold.  A
mine in Timmins can produce as much as
20 million
ounces of gold!

Houston had to go to Timmins.  He had to know what
was buried under foot.  The property, straddling the
renowned Hoyle Fault in the Abitibi Greenstone belt (the
Hoyle Fault is home to the
Kidd Creek Mine, the deepest
base metal mine in the world currently pushing 10,000ft
into the Earth!) was there, untouched and waiting.

After turning to large firms like Xstrata (and being
rejected) to help bore some test holes into the Lenover
property, Houston concluded that this was something he
was going to have research solo.  As it turns out, Xstrata
missed the mark, the Lenover property is assaying at
over $400 million in ore at the 200ft level and upwards of
billion in total ore if developed to depths similar to
Kidd Creek.  Upon this discovery Noosphere Geologic
was born.
It all started with a wedding.  Not Houston's, but his sister's.  There were the Wade
offspring, finally together in one place thanks to the wedding, enjoying an August sail
on Puget Sound with their father, John.  When John randomly mentioned that he
finally got the taxes paid on the land in Canada.

"What land in Canada?" Pretty much all of them asked.

"The family land of course." replied the elder Wade.
Just what the heck does "noosphere" mean?
Vladimir Vernadsky was a Russian, and through the
process of revolution, then a Soviet Scientist from St.
Petersburg.  Vernadsky was obsessed with how the
Earth changes and was particularly fond of Austrian
Eduard Staruss' concept of the "biosphere".  
Vernadsky concluded that there were three stages to the
Earth's development.  The first stage is the geosphere
(inanimate matter); the second stage is the biosphere
(biological life); the third stage is the noosphere
(pronounced:  /ˈnoʊ.ɵsfɪər/, or nO-o-sfeer).

Vernadsky correctly concluded that human beings were a
geologic force unto themselves.  Since we possess this
unique power to literally move mountains through the
use of tools, he had to give it a name.  He settled on
noosphere by combining the greek word "nous" meaning
mind, and "sphere" (read as realm).
Helping out fellow miners is where the fun and community is!
After Houston's frustrating experience with Xstrata while seeking expertise with the
Lenover property, he decided he didn't want to turn his back on anyone in his same
position.  While Noosphere Geologic now owns several productive mines, the bulk of
our work comes from helping our fellow man with discovery, logistics, production,
and reclamation of their mines.

Until we finally start mining space, the Earth is all we have.  Proper Reclamation is
what we here at Noosphere Geologic hold to be our first and final priority!
climb to the top of a mountain and come back with a couple thousand dollars in
Since Houston and his team of geologists and engineers are most certainly are a
geologic force unto themselves. So, it was only appropriate that he named his new
company "Noosphere Geologic Services International"!