Uranium deposit, Southern
Copper and talc, Timmins,
From Start to Finish Noosphere Geologic Is There for You.
Noosphere Geologic Services International
The world leader in mineralogical exploration and mining services
You now have an existing mine or claim and don't know what to do next?
We know what steps to take next.  We have been there, and have done that.  

"How deep of a test hole should we drill?"
"Should I stake a larger placer claim, or a load claim?"  
"Can I make a profit or even just break even with this mine?"  
"Is it worth the effort to extract the byproduct copper out of my zinc-heavy ore?"
"Is there even a market for what I have found?"
"Is this a fair asking price for a claim of this size?"

When you are starting out there are thousands of potentially expensive questions
that you need answered and we are here to make sure you are fully informed of all
your options before you move forward.

No one wants to invest in expensive machinery that might no be right for the job.  Why
cut a check for a $1 million Caterpillar when an $80,000 Komatsu will do a better
job?   Our expertise in mine development pays off in spades in the end.  We know
the answers to the tough questions like: when it is more cost effective to sink a shaft
or when to go open pit?  And: Are market prices even high enough to make this mine

We strive to provide care and service other big mining outfits just won't bother to do.  
We own our own mines and make plenty of profit off of them and want others to know
this kind of success.  We are might be a big deal in some circles, but we are still a
The most fun we have is finding the
mineral you want!
Our Geologists were born to scour the
landscape and locate pretty much
anything there is to be found.  
Are you
among those who thought the Lower 48
states were almost completely devoid of

or tin?  So were we... Until we
stumbled upon a whole bunch of it!  Now
we are helping the first tin mine open
since the last one in the USA closed in

Are you Just starting out in prospecting,
or are you
still learning how to explore
for minerals?  We are glad to help!  A
few times a year our founder, Houston
Wade, leads one and two week
mini-camps around North America to
teach customers just what to look for in
the rocks they find (Houston does this
for his vacation time!).  The trips can be
mineral-specific, or more broad and
region specific
depending on what
people want to find.  We guarantee that
will find what you are looking for.
family owned business that readily puts
people first.

Our founder experienced his fair share
of shady deals, and disinterested multi-
nationals, and wanted to be a positive
presence in the lives of others just
starting out in the industry.  A large part
of our business core comes from
helping new mines get profitable and
hope that these new outfits pass along
their good fortune to the next generation
of Earth diggers.
Need help refining your ore?  Does the
toxic nature of the chemicals involved
scare the living p*ss out of you?
You are not alone.  From disastrous
cyanide spills on the Danube River, to
subsistence minors releasing millions
tons of mercury into the world's
watersheds; toxic refining scares the
p*ss out of us too!

There are answers to the tried and true
methods of refining, and many of them
are far greener and much cheaper than
Do you have a mine and the ore has played out so now it is time to clean up the
Site reclamation is our number one priority.  We need to take responsibility for the
strain our industry puts on the ecosystem
to heart.  It is our mission to show the
naysayers that mining can be done in an environmentally sensitive man
or.  Even the
"greenest" individual cannot escape the benefit mined materials have on their life.  
Everyone uses items like:
a cell phone, computer, automobile, bicycle, espresso
machine, etc...  All things that require the natural resources only available thanks to
the mining industry.

We believe that every person on Earth should have the peace of mind that the raw
materials they need comes from a source that takes the local environment into
consideration every step of the way.

Toxic spills, safety violations and disregard for the watershed cost so much more in
the long run than implementing fail-safe devices and taking worker safety into
account does now.  
The more responsible we are during the mining phase the more
cost effective the reclamation phase will be.  We provide the tools and knowhow to
accomplish both.
Noosphere Geologic is full service.  We will stake and map the claim, and file all
necessary paper work with local, state and federal governments, and all in your

In the recent past we have found large loads of gold, copper, zinc, platinum,  
beryllium, rhodium, tin, coltan, and nickel.  We have found gem loads of opal,
diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and red emeralds (the rarest gemstone in the world).  
Give us your order and we will find an ore load matching that description.
the status quo.  We offer much of this technology and knowhow.  Greener
mineralogical sites means cheaper restoration and reclamation costs for your
company in the end.  Doesn't it make sense to adopt these technologies now than to
spend more money in the long run only to regret it later?
Hire Noosphere Geologic today!
There is a reason that Noosphere Geologic has become the world leader in
mineralogical exploration and mining services.

Noosphere Geologic, We'll move mountains for you.