Finding the material is our
pleasure.  Extracting it is our
We provide expertise every
step of the way from initial
discovery, to extraction and
development, to refining, and
finally to environmental
restoration.  Noosphere
Geologic is your one stop
resource for all your natural
No matter the stage of the mineral extraction process
Noosphere Geologic is ready to literally move
mountains to get the job done.  We are a geologic
force unto our own.
No job is too big or small.
Our consultation services leave no stone unturned.

From the smallest of claim owners, to million ounce
gold mines, we help you understand just exactly what
you have under your feet.

We provide exploration services in the most
challenging and remote regions of the world.  We can
find literally
anything; gemstones, precious metals,
base metal, and mineralogical curiosities.  The harder
it is to find, the more fun our geologists have doing it!
Noosphere Geologic is a vertically integrated mining outfit in every sense of the
word.  Some of our latest projects include:
We are currently in the development stages of the Lenover Mine in
Timmins, Ontario.  Soon to be one of the largest mines in the North
American Continent.  The Lenover Mine, with $20,000,000,000 in ore, will
soon rival the nearby Kidd Creek Mine in production of gold and base
metals (sorry, Xstrata).
Our Opaltron Mine in Virgin Valley, Nevada is already producing some of
the rarest and most beautiful jewel-quality precious black opals in the
Noosphere Geologic is proud to announce that we will soon have the only
commercial diamond mine in the United States online.  Get ready to say
hello to the new Kimberheavy Pipe Mine of Wyoming!
Noosphere Geologic is the first (and currently only) large-scale mining
outfit to adopt the Cleangold(TM) micron gold refining processes.  This
means we can outperform, in both cost and capture, even the most
environmentally damaging and technically advanced cyanide and mercury
systems to date.  No toxic chemicals to buy means more profit for your
bottom line greatly lowered liability and post-mining reclamation expenses
of your site.
From Exploration to Development to Refining; We Do It All!
Noosphere Geologic Services International
The world leader in mineralogical exploration and mining services
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We truly are the world leader green mining technology,
and are advocates for the Earth's fragile ecosystems.
Noosphere Geologic Services International is ready to
help you extract the minerals that will be the building
blocks of the 21st century and beyond.  Exploring the
world one rock at a time does not mean
destroying the
world one rock at a time.
We here at Noosphere Geologic understand that
everything we use as a species is either grown or
It is an obvious necessity that extracting minerals from
the Earth is something we have to do.  It's unavoidable.  
That doesn't mean that we should do it irresponsibly.  
Noosphere Geologic is a pioneer in reducing the impact
industrial mining has on the environment and refuses to
avoid proper reclamation of spent mines.  It is vastly
important to us to restore the scars we put on the Earth
We believe that until corruption and rampant environmental degradation can be
controlled in hotspots around the globe that it is best that industrial mining be done
in first-world nations that have stringent labor and environment safety laws.  We do
not support war lords using slave labor to extract ore, slope degradation and silt
runoff from unmanaged ore deposits, or intensive chemical usage in open water for
the purposes of obtaining precious metals.

Noosphere Geologic is a proud supporter of and their mission to
abolish the usage of mercury and cyanide in small scale mining operations around
the world.  People should not be poisoning themselves or their environment just to
take home a few dollars a day.  Support today!
Noosphere Geologic puts people and the environment first.
that are the result of our industry's nature.  We need to put the mine-site back to as
best the state we found it.  We don't intend to fail.
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